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Tartaria Tours is based on the idea that an advanced technological civilization was here before us.  We are traveling to the origins of Tartaria with the intention of creating an "AWAKENING" and open our senses to the small detials of surrounds by engaging, sound, sight and touch to experience whats left of the energy, frequencies and vibration left behind by the Great Tartary Empire.  

If you have traveled anywhere in europe  or around the world, the question of "who really built this?" always seem to cross my mind.  We may never know what the truth really is, but traveling to these cities and regions we hope to find another story through our intuitive thoughts and  feelings. In waking up and deepening the intution we approach our traveling adventures with; what am I being told? and what I'm I experiencing and do these situations match up.  

Having spent the past decade standing up and pursing sexual abuse in sport, it has shown me and taught me a lot about the system. My biggest take away is, we are taught to listen to authority and not question it. Almost every incident of abuse was kept silent and in the system because of an authority figure; a teacher, a coach, an elected official, really anyone that purports to have knowledge of something; anything.  In other words knowledge is power.  

With the help of meditation and music, Tartaria Tours wants to lead you to that knowledge within yourself, we spend time on the small details to open you up to the bigger picture out there.   We call it the "Great Awakening" to our intuition. 

All our tours include a daily meditation coupled with a local musicians that joins us during our daily tours.

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Katherine brings to us her journey of wisdom, having many careers, most recently an active advocate for coach-athlete abuse. Katherine voice has been heard around the world discussing the ethical and immoral failures that have been rampant in the sports industry. Having spent many years diving deep into that world, it lead her to learn about the posibility of their being a hidden civilization that preceed us.   Katherine would like to bring this wisdom and knowledge to fellow travelers and wake up our senses with purpose driven tours.   Some of Katherines other careers have included, Olympian (84 &88), Swim Coach, Group Travel Manager, Business Development Software, Founder of Safe4Athletes which advoctaes against coach-athlete sexual abuse, legal expert for sexual abuse cases.  All these careers have gathered wisdom and knowledge for the next phase of my journey. Love meeting people and sharing lifes wisdom and learning yours.


A unique travel experience that includes a daily mediation practice coupled with a local musician to enhance our senses as we expereince a guided tour to destinations that are thought to have been created by the Tartarian Civilization. All our tours will explore the idea if of an advanced technology via the design and creation of the buildings, structure and the environments.  

  • Guided tours with Katherine Starr (Founder)
  • Private tours for groups to explore on their own
  • Luxury accommodations*
  • Private Airport Transfers upon arrival/departure.
  • Meals where specified.
  • Local guides and tours.**
  • Local Musicians***

While our destinations, maybe the same, your experience will be unique with Tartaria Tours. Our tours are design to enhance your intuition and have a deeper sense of self via the awakening of our sense, and connection our wise leader, Katherine Starr. 

* Our accommodations are chosen based on possible connection to the Tartarians civilization.  

**We seek out local guides that can provide us insight outside of the “official narrative.

*** Musicians included as permitted by venue




All our guided tours are created with the intention of opening our senses to our surroundings and being present to our environments.  We spend time on the small details, asking ourselves what is the real story. 

All our tours are design with opening our thoughts and senses to the moments.  We accomplish this by;

  • Group Leader lead sharing sessions. 
  • Start each day with a daily mediation, either at an historical site, local surroundings, or at our accommodations.
  • A local musician accompanies us on various activities and tours
  • Ending our day with a group session to share our experiences, insights of the day.  
  • Encourage, journalling, blogging all the way

Our group lead tours are design to conenct with structures, vibrations, frequency and energy of our destinations and experiences, where it be via music or sight.  Just being there will alter your awareness of yourself.  That are goal for you, to deep your awareness with our tours, with the intent that you will bring that back to your daily lives at home. 


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