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Upon looking into a hidden civilization called "Tartaria" and their advanced technological communities, I learned about Star Cities and Star Forts.   What are Star Cities and did they have a competive advantage for athletes with the vibration, energy and frequencies that they ommitted? 

The Tartarians created Cymatic Energy by the design of their building and structures,  the intricate detail of arches, windows, spires and domes created an energy flow that obsorbed and omit electromagnetic energy called cymatic energy.  (See the Tartarian Link for a general overview). The Tartarian also created entire cities enclosed with a water element either as a mote or approached by one side of the city. 

What are the defining elements that make up a star city? 

There are five key elements that lead us to discover the Tartaria civilization.

1. The remains of a large lake 

2. Long channels (Venice, Italy)

3. Stone Bridges of unusual shape, allowing for large vessels to pass. (London Bridge)

4. Stone Streets (Italy, Spain, Switzerland etc..)

5. Baths (Turkish, Hungarian etc..)

All these features were part of the infrastructure that leveraged water to produce a magnetic frequency that was absorbed by the design of the structure and omitted it's self back into the environment as breathable air. The frequency and vibration created the energy euphoria of joy and Harmony.

Since this blog is about the Olympic City as the plausiable case for housing the games in previous star cities, we are going to look at a few of the early games ands see if those cities where in fact star cities and most likely built by the Tartarians that have been hidden from our history.  

The Modern Olympic Games started in Athens.  I don't have an old Star City Map to show that Athens was a star city, but I was able to show a destroyed ruin of what lines up with a computer motherboard.  This would lead me to believe that there is something about Athens that makes it the connecter and lights up the other city, most likely via Obelisk. (Another topic of converstion for the future)

In the meantime here is a  picture of athens to give you perspective.  

Since this article is about star cities that seem to also be Olympic cities, I needed to add picture that indicate that Athens may in fact of been a star city at one time.  

For the cities that I do have Maps for they are also Olympic Venues.  The only have a few maps, it struck me as odd that a city like Antwerp was an Olympic City in 1920. 

Antwerp was also heavily a bombed during World War 2. is there a conenction?  

Well Berlin would have you think that from the devastion that they endured. 

Berlin Olympics - 1936 - according to wikipedia (not a favorite source) - The Nazi Party had risen to power… The 1936 Olympics were held in a tense, politically charged atmosphere. The Nazi Party had risen to power in 1933, two years after Berlin was awarded the Games, and its racist policies led to international debate about a boycott of the Games. 

What I find most interesting is the Kaiser Wilhem Church that resides outside the Zoo (Another Blog on the Berlin Zoo) and the before and after effects of this devastation.  Seems like the war was about destroying this technological advanced civilization rather than, bringing peace to the people.  Here a couple of before and after pictures of the church for a perspective as well the ceiling that follows along with a Tartarian style.  

The biggest Star City map that I have seen is for Paris. Paris is the scheduled to host the Olympics in 2024 on their 100 year anniversary.  Here is are few pictures of the just how large the star city of Paris was before it was destroyed. 

Paris City and Olympics Venue - 1924/2024 - 

Is there a story here, Olympic venues, euphoria for Olympic Athletes, have been an Olympian and competing in the Los Angeles 1984 and The 1988 Seoul Olympic Game, I would say the venue selection is about competing in pools and venues that provide the greatest advantage to the athlete.  Los Angeles certainly meets the requirements for being a Star City, I can't speak for Seoul.  There is a reason that these cities repeat themselves and continue to host them over the centuries of their rein.  

Learning about the Tartarians and being an Olympian, this connection makes sense at the very least it's suspect in nature.  Especially when you consider the idea of Antwerp hosting the Olympic Games and it was devasted in the war. It seems that many if not all of these Star Cities were devated in the war and rebuilt without the technology that gave energy to the people.  

It takes going to these places, uncovering the mysteries of this civilization by seeking out the buildings are structures that remain in place today. We have several trips planned over the next year and will continue to add them as we continue to learn the mysteries of this hidden civilization.

If you are interested in joining us on our next trip, check out our next event or tour and experience this for yourself.   

or  join us on our tour to Berlin, Budapest and Vienna. 

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