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What makes Tartaria Tours unique is that we hire a local musician to spend the day with us where possible. we make our trips different for a purpose.  We travel to open our consciousness and expand our intuitive abilities. We have meditation to start the day, we also work with local musicians, violinists, cello-ist and Harp musicians to join us as visit these dynamic and stunning buildings.  

Once you have opened your senses with the meditation, we enhance our senses by adding a musical component to elevate ourselves and activate any possible technology and properties that may respond to the frequency and raise our vibrational beings to another frequency, thus allowing us to connect to our surroundings on a deeper level. 

There are so many benefits to classical music sounds here are just a few

  •  Invoke All Kinds of Emotions
  •  More creative
  • ·Enhance Your Memory
  • ·Relieve Your Pain
  •  Reduce Your Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Stress Levels
  • Relive Symptoms of Anxiety
  • Improve Your Quality of Sleep

In understanding the Tartarians civilization, there buildings and sound frequencies were designed to have a constant state of those elements.  We visit these unique buildings and try to recreate the environment and activate those properties.  

Travel with us and experence something truly unique on your travels, music, meditation and memories.  Check out our tours and join us. 

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