Star Cities and Forts

The Tartarians created Star Forts and Star Cities as a vibrational frequency eco-system to provide a sense of joy and harmony amongst the community. Th Star City are a self contained environment. Star Forts are structures that are built with a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.

 In understanding A Star City we need to define the elements of what makes up this type of city. 

There are five key elements that lead us to discover the Tartaria civilization.

1. The remains of a large lake 

2. Long channels (Venice, Italy)

3. Stone Bridges of unusual shape, allowing for large vessels to pass. (London Bridge)

4. Stone Streets (Italy, Spain, Switzerland etc..)

5. Baths (Turkish, Hungarian etc..)

All these features where part of the infrastructure that leveraged water to produce a magnetic frequency that was absorbed by the design of the structure and omitted it's self back into the environment as breathable air. The frequency and vibration created the energy euphoria of joy and Harmony.

Here are some old maps which give one an overview, these are some are biggest cities in the world.  While most of these are in Europe, there are is also evidence of Shanghai, China being orignally a Star City. 

Star Forts are located across the earth, with one of it's most prominent one being the star fort that the Statue of Liberty sits on. 

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